Will you be able to buy a cup of coffee 18 years from now?


Most of us are Coffee lovers. In 1996 a cup of coffee from a Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) like outlet would have costed you Rs 7. In 2014, it costed Rs 80.

That’s an increase of 14.5% every year. This means after 18 years, a Coffee would cost you ~ Rs. 950.

That’s inflation working against you. Value of Rs 1 in 1996 is just Rs 0.08 in 2014!

It’s not just CCD coffee. The inflation rate in India is on an average around 8-9%. In most cases, such as education, the % rise in prices has been in double figures annually.

What can you do to beat inflation?

Equity mutual funds will give you an edge over inflation as they have historically given 18-20% returns on an average over the long term. Returns higher than inflation means that your money will keep increasing in value over time.

What are you waiting for? Start SIP in Mutual Funds to beat inflation & to create long-term wealth.

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