How much money do I need to Retire?

We all retire one day. It is said post-retirement years are the golden period in everyone’s life. But yes, only if you plan properly for it.

Have you ever wondered “how much money you need as Retirement corpus to survive post-retirement period?”

Just an illustration below.

Current Monthly expenses


Current annual expenses 420000
Current age 30
Retirement age 60
No. of yrs to retirement 30
Inflation 8.50%
Annual expenese @ retirement Rs. 48,54,466
Rate of return post-retirement 9%
Real rate of return post-retirement 0.46%
Life expectancy 80
No. of yrs post-retirement 20
Retirement corpus required to fund post-retirement expenses Rs. 9,29,72,569

It is never too late to save for retirement. I want to change this and say – “It is never too early to save for retirement“.

The earlier you achieve the retirement corpus, the earlier you can retire. Retirement doesn’t mean you will stop working – but you can stop working for MONEY. May be you can work on something you are passionate about and could not pursue due to hectic corporate life.


Vinay Kumar Laxman

Certified Financial Planner



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